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Montana is home to many wonderful producers and resources who align with our own philosphy and we absolutely love working with them.

Montana Producers

Amaltheia Dairy - Cheeses, vegetables and pork. (Belgrade, MT)

B Bar Ranch - Organic beef. (Big Timber, MT)

C & S Produce - Labeled as CharleOy's Produce. Certified organic produce. (Big Sandy, MT)

Faltree Farm - Produce, eggs, pork and beef. (Loma, MT)

Fat Robin Orchard Farm - Cherries and apples. (Polson, MT)

Forbidden Fruit Orchard - Cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines (Paradise, MT)

Garden City Fungi - Gourmet mushrooms and mushroom kits. (Missoula, MT)

Gruff Grains - Ancient grain grits made from cracked Farro. (Havre, MT)

Lifeline Farm - Milk, cheese and beef. (Victor, MT) 

Montana Flour & Grains - Flour and grains. (Fort Benton, MT)

Montana Gluten Free - Oats and baking mixes. (Belgrade, MT)

Olive Branch Pork - Pork, beef and lamb. (Bridger, MT)

Prairie Grass Ranch - Grass fed beef. (Havre, MT)

The Oil Barn - Organic, unrefined safflower oil. (Big Sandy, MT)

Timeless Natural Food - Organic lentils, heirloom grains and chickpeas. (Ulm, MT)

Montana Resources

Abundant Montana - Educational guide to Montana's food resources and farms. (Helena, MT)

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